Sample clients

Business Publishing

bodyLIFE UK and Tan Biz 

Chief Editor and Feature Writing

These business magazines, published by Health & Beauty in Germany, went to an international readership at managerial level for those that worked in the business of wellness, health and fitness. They offered topics related to marketing, science, wellness, to the latest technical developments and legal matters in each sector.

BodyLife UK magazine was part of the principle fitness trade magazine in Europe; an international magazine at managerial level for those that worked in the business of wellness, health and fitness. The magazine was partnered with the UK Fitness Convention and European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA).

International trade journals

ITIJ and Airmed & Rescue 

Feature Writing

These trade journals are read by mixed, international readerships related to specific industry sectors such as air ambulance, assistance and repatriation, airborne special missions’ community and travel insurance. Features and in-depth analyses offer insight of interest to professionals that work in these areas and relate to medical, as well as insurance, military and medical assistance matters, as well as cost containment.

The International Travel & Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ) was launched in 1999 following its successful annual International Travel & Health Insurance Conference (ITIC) for a global travel and health insurance industry. 

AirMed & Rescue (formerly Waypoint Magazine) reports on trends in the air medical and search and rescue sectors (military and civilian) around the world.

Specialist review International Hospitals and Healthcare Review (IHHR) is read by international insurance and assistance companies in 91 countries as well as key players in the global travel and health insurance industry. 


Arts column

Bi-weekly column as part of the regular European Cultural Supplement for the NRC Handelsblad Newspaper, as part of an international team. The newspaper provided its readers with all the latest art events, happenings, collaborations, performances and exhibitions going on in key European locations.


Chief Editor

London Voice, a start-up innovative community newspaper, was distributed around all the capital’s boroughs. The new newspaper featured the latest in political and human interest issues, as well as the arts, and other issues that affected those that lived in the capital. 

Trade journals

BestPractice and Trens Magazine

Feature Writing

The trade journals BestPractice and Trens went out to professionals that worked for the Dutch rail transport provider NS and its European public transport company formerly called Nedrailways. Thus, the magazines were read by a Dutch as well as international readership affiliated through various partner schemes such as Merseyrail in the UK.

Content of the magazines were for example to provide an insight into cultural differences between the UK and the Netherlands and how this related to working together and conducting successful meetings. Or articles would profile new schemes such as the OV Fiets, new types of innovative commercial kiosks on train platforms or multimedia train meeting cafés and business meeting locations.

Local newspapers, North London

News features and profiles

I helped the North London newspapers and magazines Finchley Times  (Newsquest); North Magazine, (Archant) and community paper The Archer, provide in-depth news features and profiles on a variety of human interest topics.

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