Combining my skills in journalism, background feature writing, business, trade and B2 B magazines, I can help you let your articles, websites and commercial texts come alive and reach target audiences.

17 years of experience as a TV camerawoman in news, (live) studio productions and location in UK and around the world. Sample clients Sky News, Reuters, CNBC, Travel Channel, al Jazeera and local producers such as First Sight Media in Oxford for clients such as Ernst and Young. Added skills: sound, lighting and editing.


10 years of experience in training post-graduate students at the London School of Journalism (LSJ) providing a live TV news experience (delivering news packages, pieces to camera, live news).


11 years of experience as feature writer and chief editor for large international European wellness publishing house in Germany. Active for a variety of magazines for global readerships in medical and wellness readerships at management level. Skills including involvement in setting up of conventions, working with sales teams and designers, setting up of new magazines.


2 years as editor of a new London newspaper, distributed around all 33 boroughs


Well-researched background features for B2B, business, trade magazines.


Between Dutch and English

Skills: Not just translation, due to an active, living experience of the English language due to 27 years of living and working in the UK, I can help you understand the nuances of words and their meanings of both languages.


Combining my skills in business and B2B publishing, I can help you find the right words and messages that you would like to get across to your existing and potential readers, visitors and clients.

I can help draw out the human interest, the story behind the story, the something different that makes your website stand out from the rest.


I can also help with your video subtitles, or video or voice over requirements. I have a very clean English accent and clear voice, as well as experience in video and sound editing.


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