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Translation services and content writing, from 2017

Websites, video subtitles, blogs, SEO writing, press releases for a variety of commercial clients

Instructor TV Journalism, London School Of Journalism (LSJ), 2003-2013

As an instructor I helped introduce students in adult education to the world of TV journalism. They learned how to produce TV news packages; from writing scripts, to delivering news to the camera with autocue, and 'pieces to camera'. No matter how nervous some of them were, by the end of the course they were delivering news to the camera, and the work was very rewarding.

Voyageur Publishing, Bristol, UK, from 2008

Airmed & Rescue Magazine (formerly Waypoint Magazine)

International Travel & Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ)

International Hospitals & Medical Tourism (IHMT)

International Hospitals & Healthcare Review (IHHR)

These titles are aimed at a wide range of global readerships that work in search and rescue, medical tourism and tourism insurance. Global readerships: Medical directors, chief pilots, CEOs and logistic officers for the state and armed forces; professionals in the travel insurance industry; as well as professionals in medical tourism, those working in cross-border care and in sourcing hospital care abroad (travel and medical assistance companies).


Translation services in the global travel insurance and assistance industry (October 2018)

Accreditation in the international air ambulance industry (August 2018)

Post mission disinfection (April 2018)

Structured decision making when hiring an air ambulance company (April 2018)

Survival stories: Survivors of air ambulance accidents share stories

Tiltrotors: Can cost sharing boost the hybrid aircrafts’ potential future in this mission

Critical repatriations on commercial aircraft

Doing it for themselves - moving cost containment processes in-house

UAVs in disaster relief: GlobalMedic goes airborne

Insurance fraud: The latest challenges travel insurers are facing

World Focus: The healthcare system in Singapore

Zika virus precautions for international fixed-wing air ambulance companies

Medical Tourism: A New Frontier?

Double dental time: Time solutions for fast dental tourism

Chief Editor, bodyLIFE UK Magazine, Health & Beauty (Germany) 2005-2016

The principle fitness trade magazine in Europe, Body LIFE had since many years been offering best practice material in the field of health and fitness; on subjects ranging from marketing, science, wellness, to the latest technical developments and legal matters. This title was produced by its own teams per country and published around Europe and further afield such as India.

Body Life UK Magazine was an international magazine at managerial level for those that worked in the business of health, fitness and leisure. bodyLIFE UK became a media partner to for example The UK Fitness Convention, and the European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA).

Sample topics:

Best practice topics on business, health and wellness

The latest legal aspects such as employment laws

The latest sector news

Industry profiles and CEO and high profile interviews

Products and concepts and conference roundups such as FIBO

Health and scientific studies

New club and equipment installs around the country

Camera work, Lighting Camera, London, 1996 - 2013

Various productions around the world on multi camera, Outside Broadcast (OB), news and studio productions.

Regular clients such as Reuters Financial (7 years); CNBC (8 years); Carlton 02; the Travel Channel (10 years); and a variety of corporate production companies such as Ernst & Young and Oxford-based First Sight Media and  Jop Pannekoek in The Netherlands.

TV news interviews  included interviewees such as George Michael, Sr Roger Moore, Dr Robert Winston, Benazir Bhutto, Mariella Frostrup and the then Prince of Dubai.

Art Column Writer, NRC Handelsblad Newspaper, 2005-2011: 

Bi-weekly art column for Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblad as part of the regular European Cultural Supplement

Practice and Trens Magazine, Feature Writer, 2006-2008:

Features for trade magazines for employees of Dutch rail transport provider NS and its sister company Nedrailways, now called Abellio, which is a European public transport company

London Voice Newspaper, Chief Editor, 2003- June 2005: 

New, innovative community newspaper, distributed around all 33 boroughs of London

Local news reporter, 2002-2003

The Finchley Times, North London, Newsquest

North Magazine, North London, Archant Publishers

The Archer Newspaper, East Finchley, North London


The Dog Rescue Federation (DRF)

The DRF is a UK organisation that is standing up for the voluntary dog rescue sector. The group, which includes local politicians and MPs from around the UK and celebrities such as Martin Clunes and Joanna Lumley, aims to actively tackle the complex issues of illegal dog breeding on a national scale. It does so by engaging in local council and other partnerships and by conducting its own independent national surveys.

Animal Care Treatment International Network (ACTIN)

The mission of this organisation is to protect animals in Spain from cruelty; to educate people against neglect; and to change, improve and implement animal protection laws. Knowledge on animal law is lacking in Spain in all areas of society, and the organisation, which works with one of the country's three lawyers that specialises in animal welfare, is also setting up an education programme for those in authority such as the police, vets, or civil servants working at the town hall. ACTIN has co-organised the country's first animal welfare conference.